Motorcycle Diagnostics

We can provide a full diagnostic report sheet for the various electronic control systems (ECU’s) on your motorcycle, including traction control system, ABS units and engine management systems.


We are also able to clear fault codes off the ECU memory, reset FI warning lights, reset service warning lights, programme keys, electronic suspension set up (Selected models only), electronic idle adjustments and much more. 

So, whether you need a complete diagnostic check for your peace of mind or you need your service light reset after you have serviced your vehicle at home give us a call. 

Prices start from just £10. Call for a quote today

List for just some of the compatible manufacturers we are able to connect with.

  • Suzuki  
  • Yamaha 
  • Kawasaki 
  • Aprilia 
  • Ducati 
  • BMW  
  • Gilera 
  • Piaggio 
  • Triumph 
  • Harley Davidson
  • Vespa